We are LutMan posse

@Lutman Posse is fronted by Tim Lutman of Union, WA. Tim plays his acoustic guitar and belts out the lead vocals like a boss!!!

At his side is Manny Lopez of Olympia, WA.

Manny has the best guitar tones and shreds like a madman as our lead guitarist. Manny also covers center front stage with his killer vocal prowess.

Keeping it all together, providing ass kicking bottom end and killer pockets, are Robert McFadden on drums and Jacob Greenwalt on bass. These two provide this group with such high energy, subtle dynamics, and killer groove, you won't be able to stay in your seat.

(From left to right)

Bass ~ Jacob Greenwalt

Vocals, Guitar ~ Tim Lutman

Drums ~ Robert McFadden

Guitar ~ Manny Lopez


Lutman 2.jpg

Lutman Posse


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